Why choose BriteStreet?

Being a local company and having 12+ years of experience in the market we can eliminate many obstacles. All of our installers and electricians are employees. This allows us to stand behind our warranties and workmanship.


Many solar sales companies pick up and leave you searching for answers after you’ve committed. We are family owned and native to Colorado. We will be here for you. We will stand behind our quality giving you assurance your solar will be a great asset for generations to come.

How long does the install process take?

A typical installation from permitting to interconnection can take 3-4 months on residential projects. 2-3x longer for commercial projects can be expected.

How do solar Panels work?
  • Photovoltaics or PV (Solar modules) work when the sunlight gets absorbed by the PV cells, this creates electrical charges that create electricity to flow.

What happens if there is snow on solar panels?
  • Snow prevents sunlight from hitting the panels. When the panels are covered in snow or shaded by something else the panels stop or reduce production output.

Do my solar panels produce power when the sun isn't shining?
  • Sunlight is what creates the energy, when it’s not present the system will not produce electricity.

Will I still receive an electric bill with solar panels?
  • Depending on your utility company interconnection charges still apply typically $10-30 monthly. Staying on the grid or being interconnected to your utility company does come with charges. The kWh or kilowatt hours that your system produces are currently at a 1-1 ratio, meaning for every kWh you send to the grid you can pull out a kWh for consumption (Colorado). 

I need a new roof but have solar panels, what do I do?
  • Call us!

    We are experts in detaching and reinstalling existing systems. We remove the system as close to your re-roofing project as possible to ensure your system is down for the shortest amount of time possible. Once your new roof is on and has passed inspection we will reinstall your system, typically within 2 weeks.  Contact us for a quote and timelines. We will work with your roofing contractor and insurance company to ensure your project runs smoothly.

Does solar save me money?
  • Yes, being able to pay for your electricity at a locked in rate/cost prevents you from being at the mercy of your utility company raising rates. 

    Contact us to see how much you can save.

Can you guarantee production?
  • Yes, being able to pay for your electricity at a locked in rate/cost prevents you from being at the mercy of your utility company raising rates. 

    Contact us to see how much you can save.

Detach and Reinstallation Warranty
  • If you are needing to detach and reinstall your system you may be thinking what happens to my warranties. BriteStreet is NABCEP certified and holds licenses that ensure your product warranties stay intact. We also provide a new 10-year workmanship warranty on any system we work on. Don’t let your warranties get canceled by using unqualified/certified electricians. Use Britestreet and have peace of mind that your system will be up and running in the quickest possible timeframe.

Do I need storage?
  • Everyone’s needs are different. When you contact us we can discuss your goals and figure out if storage is needed. We have installed many types of storage systems and have extensive experience providing off grid solutions.

Should I get an EV charger?
    • Electric vehicles are becoming more prevalent and charging them at your property is helpful. We recommend letting us know that you’d like to add an EV charger when we install your solar. This will save you money down the road as our electricians would already be on your property.

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