The incredible reason for solar growth in 2016

As you have probably noticed, solar power is continuing to grow faster and faster across the United States. There have been more solar installations in 2016 than in any other year previous. And that number is projected to double over the next 5 years.

So why has there been such a massive increase in solar installations across America? One reason is that the price of solar panels plummeted at the end of 2016. Additionally, the idea that solar energy is critical to combating climate change has become more and more accepted, and pro-solar governmental policies are becoming mainstream have all contributed to the substantial growth of the solar industry across the United States. All of these are important factors of growth within the solar industry, but still don’t account for why homeowners are deciding to go solar and join the solar revolution.
So what is the primary reason why we are seeing such a massive influx of residential solar systems being installed? It’s quite simple really, and something most of us are doing every single day – We are talking to our friends, family, and neighbors.
Yep, that’s right! The reason for the near exponential growth of the solar industry and the primary cause for the solar revolution we are currently apart of, is simply because homeowners are talking to their friends, families, and their neighbors about their newly installed solar systems. They are sharing information about the increased savings they are seeing on their electric bills, and the rapid decline in reliance on the electrical grid. They don’t share this information because they have to or because it’s their job – they do it because they are excited and passionate! These folks are the true ambassadors for this wonderful industry.
In fact, here at BriteStreet, most of our appointments, sales, and installations come from a referral of a past customer of ours. Because of this, we are offering a way for you to get rewarded for doing something you already do – talking to your friends and family.
We realize that a substantial amount of our business is coming directly from customer referrals, and we don’t want that to go unnoticed. We appreciate our customers, and we want to pay it forward. In order to this, we have started a new referral program called the “BriteStreet Solar Ambassador” program.
Who are BriteStreet Solar Ambassadors?
BriteStreet Solar Ambassadors are advocates of the solar industry, who point interested friends, family, neighbors, coworkers in the direction of BriteStreet. Anytime one of your referrals has a new system installed, BriteStreet will give you $250 AND we will take $250 off the price of a new solar system for your referral as well.
So keep doing what you’re doing, America. Just let us know when you know of someone who is interested in learning more about solar. We always work in a no pressure, consultative approach, so you don’t have to worry about us being pushy towards your friends and family. If they decide to join us in the solar revolution, that’s wonderful! You both score some extra cash, your friend stops paying most of their electric bill, and perhaps most importantly – you’re both actively doing something to prevent climate change.
If you already have someone in mind, or just want to learn more about solar, shoot us an email, call us at


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