Project Examples

At BriteStreet Solar Group we work with hospitals, schools, commercial properties, convention centers and arenas, religious centers, municipalities and homeowners. We pride ourselves on being able to work on an adequate amount of properties throughout the Greater Denver area. We have been able to successfully install solar systems to commercial properties and residential properties, saving them thousands of dollars on annual energy costs. Our solar systems don’t just save clients money on their utility bills, it also gives them a chance to own or buy out a solar system at the cheapest cost. On residential properties, clients report saving up to a 1,000 a year while on commercial properties, clients report saving up to 16,000 a year.

National Western Stock Show Complex

Denver, CO

Size: 541kW
Annual Energy Production: 757,400 kWh
Annual Energy Savings: $7,574.00
Greenhouse Gas Reduction: 1,257,302 lbs

The National Western Stock Show is a nationally recognized western heritage entertainment event and is one of Colorado’s main tourist destinations. Every January, they attract more than 650,000 visitors per year. Recently, their building has gone through some changes in energy, adding a solar system to its structure. Not only have they saved energy by replacing their fluorescent and incandescent lights with LED lights, they’ve reduced their greenhouse gas by 1,257,302 pounds and are saving $7,574 a year in annual energy savings by installing solar panels to generate power across their grounds.

Butte Creek Country Club

Butte Creek, CA

Size: 235.5kW
Annual Energy Production: 329,000 kWh
Annual Energy Savings: $16,000.00
Greenhouse Gas Reduction: 509,738 lbs

Centura Health Castle Rock Adventist Hospital

Castle Rock, CO

Size: 250kW
Annual Energy Production: 350,000 kWh
Annual Energy Savings: $7,000.00
Greenhouse Gas Reduction: 581,628 lbs

Centura Health at Castle Rock is one of the 13 affiliate hospitals. They act as an urgent care center, providing wellness needs for more than half a million people each year. They’ve recently undergone project design changes and have decided to go solar. As a desire to meet green design concepts, the hospital has been using natural sunlight to produce energy and light in to their building. Not only did they add floor-to ceiling-windows, they have added wind turbines and solar panels on the roof in order to supply 30 percent of the building’s electricity. Annually, they are saving $7,000 on their utility bills while also reducing greenhouse gas by 581,628 pounds.

We have had the opportunity to work on residential properties that are both large and small. Our larger residential project was in Greenwood Village. Going solar allowed this said property owner to save $15,148 on their energy bill and to contribute 368, 747 pounds in greenhouse gas reduction. The property owners on our smaller residential project reduced their greenhouse gas by 13,015 pounds and saves $1,000 on their energy savings annually.

Large Scale Residential Properties

Greenwood Village, CO

Size: 119kW
Annual Energy Production: 166,600 kWh
Annual Energy Savings: $15,148.00
Greenhouse Gas Reduction: 368,747 lbs

Small Residential Install

Frisco, CO

Size: 6kW
Annual Energy Production: 8,400 kWh
Annual Energy Savings: $1,000.00
Greenhouse Gas Reduction: 13,015 lbs

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