Colorado Fair Permit Act Signed into Law Through 2025

BriteStreet is pleased to inform the Fair Permit Act, Colorado Senate Bill 17-179, was signed into law on April 28 2017 by Governor John Hickenlooper. Introduced in February 2017, the Fair Permit Act caps fee limits for solar energy installations at $500 for residential permits and $1000 for commercial systems. These all-in costs were defined to include "permit, plan review, or any other related or associated fees to install an active solar system."
The Fair Permit Act’s sponsors include Senators Andy Kerr and Bob Gardner, and Representatives Lang Sias and Leslie Herod. With bipartisan support, the bill unanimously passed the Senate Finance and House Transportation & Energy committees, voted unanimously in the Senate, and 61-1 in the House.
The Colorado Solar Energy Industries Association lobbied and testified in support to offer industry perspective. Fees were still widely variable among government authorities having jurisdiction. The bill’s newly clarified cap will bring uniformity and fairness to the costs of permitting across Colorado. Originally set to expire July 2018, this victory extends the bill through July 2025.
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